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…Personalizes Each Workout To Your Fitness Level & Body Type

…Offers Options To Improve Overall Toning & Fitness

… Certified Stott, TRX, and Barre

More Than 15 Years of Experience With All Levels & Ages

Joanne started out as a full-time attorney in Framingham, MA. 5 years later she gave birth to her twin boys and 2-½ years later to her twin girls. That’s when she decided to modify her career to part-time attorney.

While raising her young children LJ discovered Pilates as a student (both mat and equipment), and immediately fell in love. In 2002, a family move from Needham Massachusetts to Syracuse New York changed her career path. She dove into the fitness industry and earned certifications in Pilates, indoor cycling, barre, and TRX suspension training.

LJ chose to get certified as a Stott trainer following in the footsteps of her inspiring mentor.

During her first days as a Pilates student she was struck by how many instructors offered no direction or education during their classes. As a result, she often didn’t “get it” and felt nothing.

These early experiences inspire LJ to  make sure each client understands each of the moves being performed. With Pilates, form is of the utmost importance – often a small adjustment makes all the difference. And the attention required to spot these adjustments makes LJ’s studio an ideal training environment.

In addition, during her certification training she learned the importance of educating clients on where each move should be felt in order to benefit. This focused attention assures that each client receives a safe and effective workout.

Joanne adapts each workout to the person(s) she is working with and loves watching her clients progress. “ I love what I do and have no regrets about the career change I made 17 years ago!”

Get A Personalized “LJ” Workout And Avoid Overcrowded Clubs & Studios With High Seasonal Rates




Small Group

  • One on one training

  • Stabilize and mobilize the spine

  • Strong core

  • Long  lean muscles

  • Suspension bodyweight training

  • Develop strength & balance

  • Hundreds of exercises

  • Rock solid core

  • Feel like a dancer

  • Tighten & sculpt

  • Stretch & improve flexibility

  • A twist on pure Pilates

  • Develop balance

  • Strengthen entire core

  • Challenge body for correct posture

  • Relieve back pain

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